Organic Herbalist

organically natural herbal medicine

Katie Pande BSc (Hons) MNIMH - Medical Herbalist

The Trinity Practice, 42 Bell Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8AE, 01747 851726


The Consultation 

Initial consultations last for around 1 hour. During the consultation a full case history is taken. This includes information on diet and lifestyle, any conventional/complementary medications that are currently being prescribed and diagnostic readings such as blood pressure and pulse are taken. A personalised prescription is then formulated from organic tinctures with the daily dosage typically being up to 15mls. Follow up consultations are typically 45 minutes and include a review of diagnostic readings and progress with the prescribed tinctures; which would be revised accordingly.


Dried rooibos tea in wooden spoon, close-up


Initial Consultation:

£45 (45 mins)


Follow-up Consultations:

£34 (30 mins)


Herbal Medicine:

£8 per week